A visit to Rome

This new years eve I was in Rome, well it was for a short week actually. I really enjoyed the city, and the people there are so lively and alive!

The public transport is very modern there, but the traffic is horrible though. And if you are crossing any pavements, be sure to be self-confident – the car drivers won’t stop for you if not. We visited Rome for 5 days, and really had a good time. Here’s a review with pictures.


Day 1 – Just visited the city and looked for the typical tourist attractions, like the parliament (1), the Pantheon church (2) and the Trevi fountain (3).


Day 2 – We went to the Vatican state and had a guided tour. It almost filled the whole day, so the Vatican’s really worth prioritizing if you’re going to the area. There was a huge amount of people that day, and the lines were endless. For approximately 50 euros we got to skip the line, which was quite nice. Although practical, you really need to follow the group and can’t really use the time you want to see the attractions. It was a little stressful, but If there’s a day with a lot of guests, I would recommend it. If not, you should go by yourself.

st petvatvat2


Day 3 – We went to a shopping mall outside the city called Porta di Roma. It was huge, and had a lot of interesting stores, with both italian and international brands. It took about an hour with bus, and you could see a lot on the way too. We also went to a smaller shopping mall in the city of Rome, although the stores were few.


Day 4 – A trip to Naples. We took a 3 hour-long bus tour to see Naples the fourth day, which is a smaller seaport known for its amazing pizza. Although interesting, it wasn’t that much to see actually, but the shopping locations were great and the pizza was quite amazing. The first thing we did was of course to visit “the Incurability pharmacy and hospital museum”. We saw a lot of tools and medicines used during the wars among other things.


Day 5 – New years eve and a visit to Colosseum. The fireworks near Colosseum was awesome that night, and a lot of people showed up. This day, most restaurants were open, which is not the case here in Norway.


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