Product testing – Dermalogica Active Moist

As I work at a pharmacy, I get to test a lot of products over time; both new and well-established products. A fairly new but quite popular brand here in Norway is Dermalogica, which is a brand developed by American beauticians.




For approximately 4 months, I’ve tried the moisturizing cream Active Moist. Overall, I think it’s a good cream, very light though so it’s probably not the best fit if you have a normal to dry skin. The consistency is very light and easy to apply, but the smell is too “botanical” for my taste. It’s water-based, which fits oily skin well. I used this cream during the summer, but it will be exchanged by a richer cream soon now that the cold weather is arriving. (A general tip here if you live in a place with cold winters – use two different moisturizers through the year, one for the winter-season and one for the summer).

The brand itself is quite expensive, but as a local beautician told me, the 100 ml tube will last just over 6 months.


If I had to rate it at a scale from 1 – 10, I would give it an 8.

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